Monday, June 25, 2007

Psuedo Chocolatier Fridays - Some Ugly Yummy Truffles

Haha... this post is going to be embarrassing... I didn't quite expect truffles to look good anyways, but I think mine turn out uglier than expected. Making them was quite a nightmare actually. I think it has to do with starting at 9 pm in the night and finish washing up past 2 am. Did I also mention my hands were full of chocolate and cocoa powder and I spastically tried to open the fridge with my elbows (pausing in front of the fridge wondering if I should dirty it or twist my arms)? And I had to very anal-ly insist on making very tiny squares so they are really bite-size, so I made about 100 instead of 50 as what the recipe suggests. I have to really kick myself in the ass for that...

They are done though! Definitely not pretty but I think they taste very good. (not my credit really, it's the very good chocolate used) It's really melt-in-the-mouth, smooth, not overwhelming but very intense, bittersweet, but with a sweetish aftertaste, with some crunchy bits of nibs.

To give a very blunt detailed description: (no wonder I never did well for English as a subject)

"These are ganache squares made from Valrhona 70% Guanaja, with President whipping cream (35.1% fat), President unsweetened butter. They are encrusted with a very thin chocolate crust made of Valrhona 55% Equatoriale, sprinkled with some cocoa nibs and dusted with unsweetened cocoa powder. To prevent your hands from getting dirty whilst enjoying them, they are served in tiny black paper holders. Because we eat with eyes too, they have been carefully packaged in a self-made box lined with some Japanese brown paper. (I just have to make some efforts to distract you from the not-so-pretty chocolate treats). Finally, because we all enjoy receiving presents, the box is finished with grosgrain ribbon."

I am dreaming earl grey and rose truffles already.. hee hee...

Because chocolates are best eaten fresh (I REALLY REALLY mean it... I was not a fan of chocolate until I ate some homemade 30-minutes old truffles made from very good dark chocolate), I am going to try give out all these truffles within the next 2 days.


cee said...

dang, you are soooo fking talented!!!! & I'm certainly not apologizing for my language. no other word could express my awe now. wow wow wow~~~
those lil' thingies might have looked ugly to you, but they look very appealing in the pics. seriously! you know I don't flatter, right? one look & you'll know they're homemade, which doesn't imply they're imperfect. instead, the point is on how much effort & feelings are infused to every single one of them when they're made.
that box with the blue inner linings was made by you??!! damn damn damn~~ ok, I give up!! you shall have a corner in my future cafe for your chocs with no rent charged. no commission either. just pay me with chocs. heh heh... (just so there's somebody to blame if I get fat.. hahahhaa...)
all in all, WELL DONE!! you do have potential!! =D

k.y. said...

cee: hahaa... you use the most !#@$# language for flattering! the power of photography indeed! they really don't look good on my trays, must be the good daylighting! The box is made by me, the blue paper isn't, u silly goose! I just put them in to line the box, so the smugey dusty truffles won't dirty it. I'm soooo looking forward to your cafe. I really don't think my chocs will sell, but thanks for believing in the whole idea! I'll continue to work hard at it. Man, can we not get so mushy on blog comments? If not, i'll have to make the blog private.. hahahaaaaa... catch up on msn!