Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yay To 2009!

This is going to be an exciting year for my family. Not only do I get to meet my little girl in April, I'm also looking forward to a good pal's wedding in romantic Bali, to Chinese New Year in S.'s hometown and X'mas back home.

The arrival of Bubu (that's what S. and I call her since we first found out of the pregnancy) is making me all hyped up and anxious. A friend suggested I name her "Cookie" since I love baking cookies so much. Erm, really didn't know how to react to that.

I've been thinking "Kate" would be nice. Yup I think this would be it if there are no violent objections from S. Not that he has many opinions about baby names (which frustrates me!)

My activities in cyberspace have diverted to avid reading of pregnancy-related articles and baby stuff shopping. That's why I've become such a bummer with blogging and confectionery making lately. As a redemption (if you came here to read about chocolate,) may I offer you an interesting article I just read online. This article about chocolate "sweetening" pregnancies could bring some cheer to you if you are expecting and craving for dark chocolate big time! Well, moderation is always the key! Please do speak to your ob or gynae regarding your caffeine intake to be on the safe side!!!

Yay to more chocolate and to 2009!


corsage said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting :) Kate is a pretty name. Take good care. I'll get to see you end of 2009 then!

Amateurish Food Photographer said...

I think Kate's a nice name too! Can imagine a little Kate running around =)

Kanake said...

hmm.... Kate reminds me of "cake". heh.. you should know that no matter what jnr's name is, I'll always have a personal nick for her. ;)
Kate is cute... simple, straightforward & sounds like your lil' girl.