Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nostalgia with the Coming of X'mas - Green Tea Tree Cookies Part I

Had recently gotten some very likeable X'mas tree cookie cutters from Cuisipro . I almost ran out of ideas on how to make a green cookie without any colour additives (even contemplated grinding some fresh herbs and puree-ing avocado), green tea powder appeared on the supermarket shelf just in time to save me from some making some cookies which probably just looked green and just aren't too edible. Relief.

The fun part of making rolled cookies is really the cutting part. I subsequently bought more cutters, expressing no signs of restraint for my (over-)spending habit on baking supplies (gasp). I personally prefer metal cutters to plastic ones, but the great shapes and ascending sizes from Cuisipro's are irresistible (words from a baking-gear-fallen-prey).

Just some small tips on making rolled cookies:

1) Metal cutters tend to have a smoother "release" than most plastic ones, but take note to get good stiff stainless steel ones, it's frustrating to work with flimsy malleable cutters (imagine your round cookies turning oval-ish after some tough handling).

2) If your dough isn't sweet enough, dip them in granulated sugar before baking. They will bake beautifully. I did that for this batch of cookies, and the sugar coat adds a crunchy crust.

3) Chill. Chill. Chill. Chill till firm before rolling. Chill again if dough turns soft during handling. You can bake trays of chilled dough, just adjust baking time accordingly (usually 1-3 min more, depending on oven).

I can't believe X'mas is so near. It's often a love-hate relationship with X'mas. Whilst I enjoy the festiveness, shopping, spirit of giving, warmth, good company from old friends, I often can't bear to see the end of the year coming. I hope time could pass a little less quickly! There's so much more to do, so much to bake, so many more things on the 2007 to-do list that haven't been striked out yet!

The turquoise tea towel probably isn't too X'mas-y, but imagine a weekend morning, with tea in your favorite teacup, your little journal with the year's resolutions (and probably 2006's), and some cookies. Probably a good time to look back on things, in anticipation for the year's end. ^___^

To Christmas~~~~


linda said...

Pretty cookies! My cookie cutter collection has been expanded with Christmas cookie cutters too ;)

kanake said...

The love-hate relationship between Kanake and Kalena prevails.... till the day Kalena throws away her rolling pin. lol

Lillian said...

Your cookies look beautiful and the tips for an amateur like myself are great! Thank you.
I actually came across your blog while in search for some elusive sakura shaped cutters to decorate my Japanese cooking. Would you be able to share where you got them from at all?
Thank you!

Karen said...

hi Lillian,
Are you residing in Singapore? The X'mas tree cutters are from Cuisipro, and I believe are available in some major department stores like Takashimaya and Robinsons. I got mine from Shermay's cooking school. Not sure if it's a seasonal set. Are you looking for sakura cutters? Try, I got my set from them... I heard from some baking friends that Bake it Yourself has loads of cutters.

Enjoy!~~~ :)

Lillian said...

Thank you so much! I'm not in Singapore at the moment, but have a few friends there. Thank you for your advice!

Happy baking! :)