Thursday, July 12, 2007

Only for Cookie Monsters

haha... I moved away from chocolate making the past week, as I still have loads of truffles in the fridge. At times like these, I start to reflect on my social life (lack of), and start counting friends with only fingers, never toes. And I contemplate if I should knock on the neighbours' to offer some chocolate treats. Cringing at the thought of being shooed away or bitten by alsations, I decided to keep them where they are:- back in the fridge.

Well, I moved on to something that can be kept in an air-tight container at room temperature, in order not to face unnecessary pressure to buy a new fridge. This will be classified to my husband, shhh... can you imagine I was goggling wine coolers to store chocolate?! The impulse usually comes in the wee hours from 1200-0200. In the mornings, I would wake up and shake my head in disbelief, relieved that I didn't clicked on "buy it now" a few hours ago.

I should start talking about these Sablé (shortbread in English) to give them due justice. I was dying to eat some homemade cookies and I jumped in. I was lacking some ingredients actually, but I was pretty sure I had substitutions, so I went ahead. I am not sure if you had noticed or think so, and I may be all wrong about this, but I do feel that bakers and chefs are prone to some sort of compulsive behavior (not just in the kitchen). Sorry.. I digressed again... back to the cookie:

This cookie is a bundle of flavours, crisp on the outside, moist on the inside, not too sweet, oozing with deep chocolate flavour, right dose of saltiness. Melting chocolate chunks as you bite into, even chewy if you are patient enough. They smell wondrous while in the oven, you can almost judge the readiness from the heavy chocolate scent. I used my favorite Valrhona Guanaja 70%, (it almost seem like nothing could go wrong with these chocolates). They are one of those cookies that taste good even when they had grown a little soft (I forgot to keep those 2 I photographed... keke...)

I think they will be *THE* recipe for christmas this year.

Reviews so far:

CK: very gooodddd
HL: very nice!! are you baking for cny? can order from you!?
SY: damned nice, mmmmmmmmmm (reaching for another)
SC: good stuff! very crispy!
P: very nice worrrr... do you know how to make soft cookies too?
Ma: (i don't usually allow my folks to eat my fattening bakes) hahaa... give me just 1 small piece... how to taste? but not bad!


cee said...

C is for cookie... cookies just for me.
C is for cookie... cookies just for me.
C is for cookie... cookies just for me.
Hey! Cookie cookie cookie starts with Ceeeeeeeeee....

Karen Y said...

haha.. the cookie monster is revealing it/herself!!!!

Chelsea said...

I love how that cookie looks! Did you make up the recipe or do you have a grand treasury of books with them?

Would you mind sharing?