Thursday, April 12, 2007

Merry Marie Belle!

I am no connoisseur at tasting chocolates compared to Chloé Doutre-Roussel, and though as we all know we should engage the 5 senses, I can't bear to engage the 5th test (to taste it!!!) on these Marie Belle chocolates! They are like small pieces of art, and it's the first chocolate I feel bad about imagining them melt in my mouth! Arghhhh... yet.... the smell of it lingers below my nose as I work on my laptop, continuing to entice.

I hope my pictures do them justice, as these little gems really are utmostly lovely to look at. Each flavour come with a different picture, most of which are French-flavoured and some others are retro prints. There seems to be little correlation between the print and flavour except the passion fruit flavoured, which is a silhouette of a kissing couple, but who cares about what makes sense when they all look so pretty!

C.M. did a big favour to help bring these back from NY, and asked me to try them, but I still can't give her a verdict on the taste. I am trying to stretch my utility by looking at them, and will put them in the fridge to keep fresh (though I hate to, because I am afraid of blooming). Silly as it may sound, I will only taste them close to their expiry date. "No! Please don't do that!" is a little voice at the back of my head. Chocolates taste BEST when fresh. Nothing beats fresh melt-in-the-mouth ganache. *dilemma*

The great thing about having chocolates in a box secured with ribbons (no sticker seal please), is that (I am going to sound very stupid)... is that... you can still keep the box, package it like how you had received it, and voila! it's brand new and it's easy to pretend you had not eaten them. I must sound like some psycho to you now, well, now that I had typed it out, I am starting to feel I am one. (*_*)

I will definitely hit the Marie Belle Cacao Bar when I have a chance. Friends who have visited said it's utterly French and pretty. I can't wait! Also a visit to Kee's Chocolates, Black Hound, Jacques Torres Chocolates are musts!


Candida said...

oh my oh my... bless my greedy soul!! I will be more than happy to sacrifice my 5th sense to the mercy of those heavenly art pieces. ;) Indeed, they look too quaint to be eaten. But in order not to be ungrateful to the chocolatier, pls do savor them before they are engulfed by a cloudy coat of mould. *sobs*

k.y. said...

hey Candi, yup I ate all of them (only share half a piece with S. hahaha...) the chocolatier would be pleased i maximised my utility over such a long period of time! :)

Julia said...

Hi Kalena! I hope you can help me. I have been searching for the company (or designer) who does the artwork transfer on the mariebelle chocolates. I have contacted them, but I haven't heard back. Would you happen to know?

Thank you kindly,


Karen said...

Hi Julia,

I am afraid I don't know anything about this. I'm a pure consumer in this situation, just an enthusiast on the fabulous designs (and the chocolatey treats of course.)

I hope they would reply you soon!

Thanks for dropping by...